New Year, New Perspectives – January 31, 2024

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New Year, New Perspectives 🌟

Embracing the dawn of January, a month of new beginnings and open possibilities as we welcome you to another issue of the formula.

Letter from our Executive Director

2024 feels like it's shot out of a cannon!”  That’s what one of our partners observed earlier this month.  Their words are prescient.  2024 is stacking up to be really exciting for our team and our partners.  In the next few months, we’ll begin to share some of the exciting happenings from across the form family of programs.  We don’t want to say too much before things really get going–call me superstitious.  For now, we can preview a few of the ideas.  

In 2024, we’re expecting to talk a lot about the mental health of young adults, thanks to some support from the City of San Antonio.  Throughout the year, you’ll hear about our work to better support young adults throughout the organization.  You’re also going to hear us talk more about housing.  Housing and mental health are inextricable from each other.  If you have issues with your housing, it’s likely to impact your mental health.  If you’re dealing with mental health issues, it can jeopardize your housing.  It’s as simple as that.  The link is undeniable, and we see the impact of housing scarcity on our members.  In 2024, we’ll be more involved in this space.  

Thanks for checking out this month’s newsletter–looking forward to what’s to come!

Succession Planning for Success!

We’ve been blessed with a lot of longevity at SA Clubhouse and now at form. Mark Stoeltje, our founding Executive Director, is still involved, as is Minot, our first Business Manager / CFO / Building Manager / Jack of all trades. Over the years, we’ve added the likes of Bill Wilkinson and Jackie Harry to help develop and build out our infrastructure as we've grown. Together, these folks have set us on the path to success, and now they’re looking to step back somewhat, lending space for the next generation take on responsibility for guiding form communities into the future.

To make this possible, we’ve made some big organizational changes over the years, such as moving all of our systems to the cloud and building out our Program Management Office (PMO) to centralize support for all of our programs. At the end of 2023, we made another huge change: we reorganized the organization to separate the individual services and communities, as well as our workforce development activities into one part of the organization, while moving organizational supports and internal operations into another part of form.

To make this possible, we’ve elevated Josh Green, our PeerForce Program Manager, to the new role of Managing Director over all Individual services, communities, and workforce development efforts. Josh has brought tremendous energy and insight into the PeerForce program and is using his experience as a Peer Specialist to support our Connection Centers and Social Practice programs. We’re excited to see how this new structure can build off the foundation set for us by Mark, Minot, Bill, and Jackie in order to take us to new heights! 

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 #TrueToForm spotlight

In this month’s #TrueToForm spotlight, 

We want to highlight one of our six core values: being curious.

We say that we’re at our best when we’re inquisitive about ourselves, our communities, and our work. So much of our ability to support others comes from our ability to understand where they’re coming from and where they’re trying to go. We do this by listening deeply and asking lots of questions—by being curious!

Whether we’re talking to the Clubhouse members  or leaders of organizations across Texas, being curious about the needs of others drives our ability to make an impact in people’s lives.

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San Antonio Clubhouse

SA Clubhouse's Bake N Take

Clubhouse's "Bake N' Take" initiative redefines community outreach. Weekly, Clubhouse volunteers bake and personally deliver a selection of fresh goods to members' homes. Providing a genuine connection along with some tasty treats.

Growth Corner

🌱 Fueling Your Mind: Discover, Learn, Grow in the Growth Corner

📔Book of the Month

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Transform Your World With Timeless Wisdom

Introducing “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom" by Don Miguel Ruiz, a transformative book that delves into the power of self-awareness and personal growth. It outlines four essential life principles - be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, and always do your best.


These guidelines serve as a foundation for creating a life of greater freedom, happiness, and peace. The book draws on ancient Toltec wisdom, offering a framework that encourages readers to shed limiting beliefs and behaviors in favor of a more authentic and fulfilling life. It serves as a reminder that small changes in perspective can lead to significant improvements in well-being.

Quote of the Month

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."


– A.A. Milne

This quote often associated with the beloved character Winnie the Pooh, speaks to the inner strength and wisdom that often go unrecognized within ourselves. It's a heartening reminder that our perception of our abilities and courage frequently underestimates our true potential. Milne's words serve as a gentle nudge to trust in our hidden strengths and intellect, which are greater than we often give ourselves credit for.

New Additions to Our Team

Tahlar Rowe, a native of Houston, Texas, holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Spanish, and History from Trinity University. Tahlar's commitment to community engagement shines through her extensive involvement with Trinity University, NAACP, political campaigns, Higher Dimension church, and the Houston Police Department. Embracing her mantra of authenticity, Tahlar finds joy in camping, hairstyling, reading, and creating YouTube content.


When asked what she loves most about our community and what keeps her excited to come to work, Tahlar emphasizes, "The ability to see the impact we have on various lives is something I love most. Whether it is our members, those trained through the programs, staff, volunteers and more, we all are impacted. This a special community that enriches lives everything and upholds a wonderful mission."

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