Empowering individuals and fostering communities on a transformative journey towards mental health and well-being, together.

SA Clubhouse

A vibrant social hub, fosters a sense of community and offers diverse activities for its members.

Connection Center

This supportive hub delivers essential peer assistance, helping those pursuing mental health and recovery guidance.

Peer Academy

Creating the future peer support workforce, breaking barriers to a career in mental health.

Clubhouse Texas

Empowering communities, fostering low-cost, collaborative mental health programs development.


Providing accessible tools and systems for Clubhouses, promoting community growth and success.


 An all-in-one hub that provides aspiring and certified peers with the support they need to succeed in a career.

Purpose and a Sense of Belonging:

Universal needs we all have for Connection, Hope, and Happiness.

While a life full of meaning comes naturally to some, this doesn’t happen for everyone. Oftentimes, the resources, relationships, and experience necessary to create life-affirming opportunities are hard to come by or just missing.

We’re here to work these problems, to help people everywhere form communities of healing and well-being.

Our Story

In the basement of Travis Park United Methodist Church, the very first clubhouse in San Antonio was started way back in 2003. Our early years forged a path for social justice on behalf of people who had been left behind by society and a deep belief in the power of community in the healing process.

Today, the San Antonio Clubhouse is the flagship program within form communities, a nonprofit that provides a myriad of solutions to communities near and far.

Our impact in 2022 includes:

Total Individuals Supported

Mental Health Professionals Supported

Organizations Supported

Funds Distributed

Transforming Mental Health Across Texas

At Form Communities, we are dedicated to making a significant impact on mental health across the diverse communities of Texas. We understand that mental health is a complex and multifaceted issue, with each community having its unique set of challenges and needs. By acknowledging and addressing these differences, we work to fit the puzzle pieces together and create a comprehensive mental health support system for everyone.

Our initiatives are focused on providing targeted resources, outreach programs, and support services to various communities throughout the state. From urban areas to rural towns, we collaborate with local organizations, healthcare providers, and individuals to identify and address the specific mental health concerns affecting each community.

We Are Stronger Together

We believe that strong communities provide the resources, relationships, and experiences necessary for a life of purpose and belonging.

Your donation supports work across peer support and social practice, contributing to healthy communities and wellbeing for people across many communities and at every stage of life.


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6851 Clubhouse Way, Ste. 100, San Antonio, TX 78229

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