April’s Blossoms Unfolded New Beginnings – April 30, 2024 

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April's Blossoms Unfolded New Beginnings

Cultivating growth and new beginnings this April, as we welcome you to another issue of the formula.

 #TrueToForm spotlight

In this month’s #TrueToForm spotlight

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We want to spotlight another of our six core values: being Adaptable.

Flexibility is fundamental to our approach and critical in maintaining the integrity of our mission. Embracing change, we remain steadfast in our values and passions, adapting our strategies as necessary to navigate new challenges. This adaptability doesn't compromise our work; instead, it enhances our engagement and effectiveness, ensuring we stay aligned with our goals and responsive to evolving circumstances.

It is through this resilience and willingness to evolve that we continue to excel and make meaningful impacts, reaffirming our commitment to the communities and partners we serve. Our flexibility feels natural and integral, seamlessly blending with our daily pursuits and long-term aspirations.

Upcoming Events

San Antonio Clubhouse

Open House, Open Mind at San Antonio Clubhouse

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with us at our Open House, Open Mind event! It's more than just an event; it's a day filled with opportunities to learn, connect, and have fun—all for a great cause.

What’s Happening?
💗 Inspiring Stories of Recovery: Hear powerful journeys of hope and resilience.
🎵 Music: Enjoy live music that speaks to the soul, setting a backdrop of unity and joy.
🌮 Food and Drinks: Delight in complimentary refreshments and tasty treats.
🎁 Raffle Draw: Enter for a chance to win exciting prizes; it’s all part of the fun!
🛍️ Resource Fair: Explore a wealth of resources and support available in our community.
🎉 Fun Activities: Engage in activities that celebrate mental wellness and creativity.

May is a month to acknowledge the journey of mental health. Join us at the San Antonio Clubhouse for an Open House, Open Mind event that promises enlightenment, connection, and enjoyment. It's a perfect setting for families and friends to come together, learn more about mental health, and support each other in a welcoming environment.

📅 Date: Saturday, May 17, 2024
⏰ Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
📍 Location: San Antonio Clubhouse
🎟️ Entry: FREE!

Whether you're looking for resources, wish to hear inspiring stories of recovery, or simply want to enjoy a day out filled with music, food, and fun activities, there's something for everyone.
Let’s make a positive impact together! Bring your family and friends to celebrate, learn, and grow. Because mental health matters to all of us, and when we open our minds, we open the door to a brighter, more inclusive world.

Join us on May 17th and be a part of creating a stronger, more connected community!

Form Communities at Houston

Embrace Wellness at Our Mental Health Resource Fair

Step into a space dedicated to nurturing mental well-being at the Mental Health Resource Fair. Hosted by Form Communities in collaboration with NAACP, The Stimulated Mental, CBMHR, and Molina Healthcare, this fair is your gateway to affordable and accessible mental health support.

Gather insights, engage with experts, and enjoy interactive booths designed to empower and educate. Don't miss the chance to connect with a supportive community and take a step forward in your mental health journey. Join us at Townwood Community Center, 3402 Simsbrook Dr, Houston on Saturday, May 18, from 10:00  am to 1:00 pm. 

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A New Chapter Begins at Galveston

Galveston Clubhouse’s Grand Opening!

Join us for the grand celebration at the new Galveston County Clubhouse! The event will be held at the Galveston Island Community Center and offers both in-person attendance and a virtual option via ZOOM at 3:30 p.m. This gathering is a fantastic opportunity to welcome our members and interact with other Clubhouse Texas organizations. We’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone with you!

💌 Please RSVP by emailing Galveston County Clubhouse Executive Director, Randall Robinson,  [email protected] for attendance. 

Growth Corner

🌱 Fueling Your Mind: Discover, Learn, Grow in the Growth Corner

🎬Movie of the Month

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The Journey Beyond Imagination Begins Within

This month, we spotlight "A Beautiful Mind," a film that masterfully depicts the life of John Nash, a brilliant mathematician grappling with schizophrenia. The movie, led by Russell Crowe's compelling performance, takes us through Nash's journey of discovery, challenge, and resilience.


It sensitively portrays the complexities of mental health, particularly the impact of schizophrenia on both personal and professional life. "A Beautiful Mind" not only educates about mental illness but also inspires with its portrayal of Nash's determination and the support he receives. This film reminds us that in the labyrinth of the mind, every struggle can lead to a triumph of the human spirit.

Quote of the Month

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 


- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and potential that reside within each individual. It suggests that our past experiences and future anxieties hold less sway over our capacity for growth and self-realization than the inner resources we possess. As we reflect on Emerson's words, let's consider how focusing on our inner strengths can empower us to overcome challenges and lead more fulfilling lives. What untapped potentials might you discover within yourself?

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