We believe people need

four pillars to support their
mental health

When most people think of mental health, they think of the medical elements of mental health, even though many people have great mental health without needing medical support. We believe that this is due to four pillars that, when they’re in place, can support our mental health.


Overcoming or managing one’s disease(s) or symptoms – including abstinence if one has an addiction – and making informed, healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being.


Meaningful daily activities, such as a job, school, volunteerism, family caretaking, or creative endeavors. Things we’re excited to get out of bed to do.


Relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope. People that we look forward to seeing, and that want to see us.


A stable and safe place to live, and the independence, income, and resources to participate in society.


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