Purpose and a Sense of Belonging:

Universal needs we all have for Connection, Hope, and Happiness.

While a life full of meaning comes naturally to some, this doesn’t happen for everyone. Oftentimes, the resources, relationships, and experience necessary to create life-affirming opportunities are hard to come by – or just missing.

We’re here to work these problems, to help people everywhere form communities of healing and well-being.


form communities –

this singular imperative drives all of our work to come.

From those first days and weeks spent building a Clubhouse in downtown San Antonio, we’ve known the essential power of community. Community shows up to support us in hard times. Community offers a path to recovery and health. Community provides a structure for us to work together towards common goals. In all that we do, we form communities.

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We are stronger together

We believe that strong communities provide the resources, relationships, and experiences necessary for a life of purpose and belonging.

Your donation supports work across peer support and social practice, contributing to healthy communities and wellbeing for people across many communities and at every stage of life.

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