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Do you have incredible attention to detail and enjoy mastering ambiguous tasks, then repeating them? Are you great with technology? Comfortable making sense of other peoples’ data? Come join us!

About FORM

We’re a small non-profit that works to improve the mental health of our communities.  We do this by helping to deploy different types of community-based mental health approaches to interested communities.  We strive to remove barriers to services, barriers to entering the workforce, and barriers to running effective programs.

About Flourish

Flourish is a cloud-based tool, and the accompanying support services, used to help manage Clubhouse programs.  Clubhouses are community-based programs for mental health recovery where members engage in therapeutically-designed tasks to overcome personal obstacles while supporting the daily work of the organization.  Flourish helps members get involved in the important work of tracking data in their Clubhouses.

As part of our work, we’ve created a social enterprise service through which we use our experience managing our Clubhouse to help others with the management of their Clubhouses. We’ve built Flourish to help members manage their Clubhouses. Demand for our help has grown quickly, and we’re in need of someone to help with our data migration and integration work.

About the Job

Your workload would vary based on your specific skills, interests, and availability. We absolutely need help with data cleansing and migration. We would also welcome help with data warehousing, reporting, and visualization; however, not at the expense of data migration and integration. We have to move lots of messy data from spreadsheets and databases into our tools. We need your help with that. This is a lot of very detail-focused work.

This type of work isn’t for everyone, but we hope it’s for you!

The things on which you’ll definitely be working:

  • Extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data for the people that we support, with a majority of your time being spent on transforming data
  • Identifying where data cannot or should not be migrated, and documenting it
  • Analyzing data sets and providing a recommendation for future-state system needs
  • Providing quality assurance of imported data
  • Processing confidential data and information according to guidelines
  • Analyzing, understanding and extracting structured data sources
  • Developing, managing and monitoring the ETL process and running related ETL tools
  • Data mapping for Data warehouse process management

The things on which you might work, if you’ve got the bandwidth:

  • Supporting data warehouse needs
  • Helping develop reports and analyses
  • Managing and designing reporting environments, including data sources and security
  • Supporting the data warehouse in identifying and revising reporting requirements.
  • Supporting initiatives for data integrity and normalization
  • Maintaining the change log for the data model and ensuring that data models and databases are in synch on an ongoing basis
  • Creating and maintaining automated, real time reporting for management stakeholders
  • Visualizing and presenting data to the business
  • Analyzing backend system structure, functionality and performance
  • Generating basic reports from data model and supporting the specification, design and development of standard reporting systems for business intelligence

Experience & Credentials

  • Attention to detail
  • Desired class level: 3rd/4th year Undergraduates, Masters, or PhD students
  • Desired major: does not matter, as long as you’re comfortable working with lots of data and willing to do it extensively
  • Experience working with very large spreadsheets or other large data sets
  • Ability to understand the issue and provide workarounds and document issues
  • Structured and results-minded work style
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Professionalism and sense of responsibility
  • Excellent English, both written and spoken
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • Excellent at problem solving
  • Did we say…attention to detail?


San Antonio, Texas is preferred; remote work is an option

Come Work with Us!

If you’re interested in this part-time fellowship at the nexus of non-profit management, cloud technology, and data science, please send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

In your email, please let us know:

  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for this role
  • Tell us about a non-profit (that isn’t us) that does good work, and why you think so
  • Why you think small non-profits would struggle with data collection.
  • A copy of your resume

Please, NO PHONE CALLS. We’ll reach out to you if we have questions.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

form communities, inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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