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this singular imperative drives all of our work to come.

As a Clubhouse, we understand how to develop strong, resilient communities, and we have worked with groups across the country to adapt these lessons to other communities. As a community of peers, we know the lasting healing that comes from mutual support and the importance of always finding new ways to connect with people. And as a leader in developing a peer workforce across the state of Texas, we’ve learned how to reform mental health systems into communities of care at every level.

In a very real way, we intend to meet people – communities, organizations, and even other clubhouses – where they are:

How can community transform lives while building healing and well-being into everything we do?

Our Vision

Change the paradigm of mental health through upstream and preventative approaches to wellness and resilience-building

Our Values







What We Do

In the basement of Travis Park United Methodist Church, the very first clubhouse in San Antonio was started way back in 2003. Our early years forged a path for social justice on behalf of people who had been left behind by society and a deep belief in the power of community in the healing process.

Today, the San Antonio Clubhouse is the flagship program within form communities, a nonprofit that provides a myriad of solutions to communities near and far.

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San Antonio Clubhouse

A transformative member-driven community for people experiencing mental illness; based upon an international, proven model with identified standards for excellence.

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The Connection Center

The largest trainer of Mental Health Peer Specialists in Texas. A vertically-integrated program that provides Peer Support, trains people to become Peers, and supports organizations looking to implement Peer services. This team is setting the bar for what Peer Support can be in Texas.

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The highly successful Clubhouse in San Antonio became the driver for Texas-wide replication. We work with communities to provide technical assistance, financial support, social practice training, education, and policy advocacy.

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Strong programs need strong data capabilities. Our Flourish team provides the data infrastructure needed for many small nonprofits: technical support, system customization, and data analysis. We focus on your systems so you can focus on your mission.

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A joint project with the Centralized Training Infrastructure (CTI) at UT Health Science Center San Antonio, we provide support to the entire, evidence-based Peer ecosystem in the State of Texas, including the Peers themselves, the communities where they live, and the organizations that train and employ them.

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How We Do It

Community is the cure. We believe that connecting with others connects you to yourself. In all of our work, evidence-based approaches to recovery reference one of two models: Peer Support and Social Practice. In concert, these approaches allow for communities to grow, heal, and support each other.

Peer Support

Peer Support is a widely recognized, evidence-based approach to the process of recovery. People with lived experience walk alongside someone in a journey of healing.

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Social Practice

Social Practice is a specialized form of psycho-social therapy utilizing intentional community to support people in their journeys of mental health recovery.

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Over the years of building community, finding support in each other, and helping others to do the same, we’ve worked hard to find solutions in spaces and problems that effect our own communities. Innovation and great ideas happen as we work to improve the health and happiness of people in our community, but these solutions can easily be applied to others.

Because of this, we are invested in helping communities everywhere apply healing and well-being into everything they do. How can we help you?

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